Farewell Michu – Once a Jack, Always a Jack


It’s a bit of a strange time to be a Swansea fan. Ever since 2003, and that famous 4-2 win over Hull to secure football league survival, supporting the Swans has seemingly been one long fairy-tale story of a continued upward trend. Now, following our best season thus far in the Premier league, we’ve hit a rough patch of form, and national newspapers (of potentially dubious quality) are speculating overthe future of Garry Monk.

This afternoon’s news brought not only fresh speculation over Monk’s job, but also a story we’d been expecting for a long while. Miguel Perez Cuesta, or Michu as you may know him was today released by mutual consent. And I for one am torn.

As mentioned, Michu leaving the club had been a long time coming, and it seemed only financial matters were holding him back from ending his contract. The resolution of this matter will no doubt be a relief for both the club and the player, and there was no doubt that Michu’s time as a Swansea player was over. It doesn’t stop me however, from feeling absolutely gutted about what could have been.

Michu was undoubtedly the signing of the season in his first year with the Swans, scoring 22 goals and driving us to a first league cup win in our history. On his day, the Spaniard was a force of nature, inspiring the club to some outstanding memories.

Beating Chelsea away in the League Cup semi-final, destroying Bradford 5-0 in the final, even smashing Q.P.R. 5-0 on his debut. When things went well for him, things went very well for Swansea. It is difficult to imagine the Swans being as successful in recent years without including this enigmatic Spaniard in the story. As a Swansea fan, he made me feel moments of real joy that I will never forget, and for me, he will always be remembered fondly.

Obviously, he wasn’t perfect. His underwhelming second season was littered with injuries and languid performances that marked our poorest Premier League record yet. The system that had been built around him depended on his good form, and when that disappeared, so did the results. There was hope he could rediscover himself at Napoli and come back re-ignited, but that wasn’t to be.

Ultimately, there will always be mixed memories of Michu in the minds of Swans fans. For me at least, the good ones far outweigh the bad.

Miguel Perez Cuesta, I sincerely hope you re-discover the electric form that fired the Swans to success, and you will certainly, always be a Jack.


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