Goodbye Olympic Stadium

It’s been a while since I updated you on my save. That’s mostly because I haven’t played anywhere near as much as I would have liked recently. My frustration with the game has largely stemmed from struggling to push on with West Ham in our second season. So…

 I resigned. We were slowly slipping down towards the relegation places, we couldn’t really score goals, and the squad were increasingly unhappy. Eddie Niedzwiecki followed me out, but I’m not that attached to him, so he won’t be joining my next club.

I debated quitting the save entirely, but thought instead I would apply for a range of jobs, and see what happens.

What happened?

Well, three jobs came up. The first was Huddersfield in League One. While this felt like a massive step down, I was keen to get back into management quickly. Applied and interviewed.

Secondly, Nottingham Forest were languishing near the bottom of the Championship. Certainly an improvement on Huddersfield, so I applied and was interviewed.

While I was weighing up these two jobs, Roma sacked Laurent Blanc. Ever the optimist, in went the application. To my surprise, I was interviewed.

And oh my goodness, I got the job. Having left bottom half of the Premiership West Ham, I am now the new manager of A.S. Roma.


From the Olympic Stadium, to the Stadio Olimpico.

How fitting.

Now that you’re updated, regular updates should follow soon…


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