NEW YEAR, NEW SAVE:  Welcome to the Memorial

It’s time for a fresh save, to see if I can re-ignite my desire to play Football Manager. It’s been a hard slog with first West Ham and then struggling to settle at Roma, so I’ve decided to start again. This time, to the West Country!



We rock up at The Memorial Stadium, and the challenges are evident. Bristol Rovers are predicted to finish 24th in League Two and the finances are creaking. On day one, the balance sits on £373k, but there is a £6.1 million debt hanging over the club, which will leave the account at £60k/month. Financial prudence is clearly going to be a focus.


In terms of players, the stand-out man is central midfielder Chris Lines, who looks very very decent for this level. I’ll need to make the most out of his creativity if we’re going to stand a chance. A new centre-back will be a priority, be they on loan or a free agent, since captain Mark McChrystal sits out the first 3 months or so.


This is certainly going to be a challenge, both on and off the pitch, so a good pre-season is going to be vital. There’s no way we can afford to meander into the season if we’re going to make a fist of this.

So, how will it all turn out? Will The Gas be able to survive their first season back in the Football League, or is this all a pipe dream? Come back for the next update to find how we kick off…


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