The Wait is Over: Alan Curtis Becomes Full-Time Manager


The wait is over. That time we’ve been waiting for is here… The new manager of Swansea City has been revealed…

And it’s very much a familiar face. Alan Curtis has been given the opportunity to lead our club to the end of the season.

It’s undeniable that this news brings a mix of emotions. On one hand, Curtis is a club legend as a player, coach, assistant manager, and now manager. On the other, it feels a little like we’ve been waiting a month for Christmas day, opened our stockings to see last year’s toothbrush re-wrapped with a new bow.

The fact that this news has (officially) come almost a month after we sacked Monk shows that there was no clear succession plan in place when the board made the decision. While I was unsure at the time of the sacking, I firmly believed there was a plan, an experienced manager to keep us up, perhaps. As time has gone, it feels more and more like we needed to change something and decided to aim at a dartboard and came up with sacking Garry Monk.

This is not to say I don’t fully trust in our board, and our chairman, and our ‘new’ manager. If there’s someone who will know the club’s ethos, playing style and values inside out, it’s Alan Curtis. Any brand new manager would have been forced to settle in extremely quickly. With Curt, we have the bonus that he is settled and the players know him and his tactics well. Moreover, he has steadied the ship somewhat in the last few weeks. The Christmas period saw improved performances in the face of tough opposition (Man City, Man Utd), a good win over beatable opposition (WBA) and two draws against sides of the same sort of stature (West Ham and Palace). While it’s not exactly title form, our defence seems tighter, and if we can employ someone with composure and finishing ability up front, we might score goals.

There are much deeper issues at the Liberty Stadium, it seems, far beyond who is in the manager’s seat. Together with the board and the players, Alan Curtis has five months to save our Premier League status, five months to save our reputation. Will it turn out alright? We’ll see. But for now…

Alan Curtis’ Barmy Army.


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