A New Year, A New Man, A New Hope?


For many years, Swansea have been rightly held aloft as a model club, sticking resolutely to their principles as modern football descended into madness. Player recruitment was done swiftly and quietly, managerial appointments were made in line with a strong philosophy and the club’s finances were handled with great care.

Fast forward to the current day, and they find themselves sleepwalking towards relegation, having picked up 12 points from their first eighteen games. Two managers have tried unsuccessfully to end the pain, and now Huw Jenkins and his fellow board members will be searching for their fourth permanent manager in little over 12 months.

The last year or so has seen a sizeable chasm open up between a once unfailingly loyal fanbase and the Swansea board that now includes two American majority shareholders. The sacking of Garry Monk felt like a necessary, heavy-hearted decision that needed to be made to save the Premier League future of the club. It felt as though the phrase #InHuwWeTrust would be a long-held mantra. Comparatively, Bob Bradley’s axing is arguably the only recent decision to see full agreement between board and fans.

The next few weeks offers Huw Jenkins, Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan a chance to make a fresh start; an opportunity to regain public trust and unite in what will be a tough fight for premiership survival. Now is not the time for a fix-it man, the next manager must be someone that can unite a discontented fanbase, a manager with solid credentials and a clear philosophy. If there is to be positive change in South West Wales, the new man must be backed in the transfer window to update a stale playing staff, and given the power to restore Swansea City as safe picks for Premiership survival.


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