The Daily Swan – 2nd July

A decade flies when you’re having fun

 A player reaching ten years with one club has unfortunately become an increasingly rare event. In modern football, players that seem like part of the furniture are often lured away by money or prestige, or replaced by a new wave of recruits.

Thus, when a player reaches a decade with one club, they must be celebrated. Angel Rangel, once just one-third of the “Three Amigos” (awkwardly wearing Mexican sombreros despite being Spanish) has cemented himself as a true Swansea legend. From League One to six years in the Premier League, via a stint in goal and two fantastic goals at the other end, Rangel has been a bastion of consistency. Similarly to Leon Britton, he is a true Jack who can be relied upon to embody the key values of the club.

Surely it is time to off the Spaniard a contract similar to Britton’s, ensuring he remains linked to our club.

Are we there yet?

Now, given that it’s only been five days since I discovered who Roque Mesa was, you may be surprised at how anxious I have become that this deal makes it over the line. For what feels like years now, there have been reports that we have all but agreed the transfer of the moustached midfielder, with no official confirmation from either side.

It seems – finally – that we are approaching the end game of this week long (has it only been a week?!) saga, with John Percy of the Telegraph reporting that Mesa will fly in Monday for final talks. So we’re not there yet, but we might nearly be there. Nearly.

Percy also notes that he expects Tammy Abraham’s season-long loan to be confirmed in the coming week. We’re nearly nearly there.


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