The Daily Swan – 4th July

Listening to Talksport so you don’t have to

No-one should have to listen to Talksport for any longer than they have to. Therefore, I took on the duty of listening to Paul Clement’s interview with Jim White this afternoon, so you didn’t have to. How kind of me.

In a ten-minute interview, the boss discussed a wide range of issues, from what sort of club he inherited from the legend that is Bob Bradley, to plans to push on next year.

There were a few key points from the interview that shed a little light on our Summer plans without Clement being able to discuss specific players or moves.

Firstly, Clement stated that Erwin Mulder had been brought in to provide competition for Fabianksi and Nordfeldt. It’s interesting that he mentioned Nordfeldt, as the general feeling seemed to be that the Swedish goalkeeper was set to leave this summer. Mulder has been picked up on a free transfer, and will slot into the gap left by Gerhard Tremmel. It will be interesting to see who claims the place immediately behind Fabianski as the season goes on.

In terms of plans to bring players in, Clement made two significant points. First, he said “the current squad is good”, and that we were “not looking at a massive overhaul”. In the fierce heat of our relegation battle last season, it felt like we needed upgrades in every position. However, in hindsight, it is clear that we have a decent squad of players, which requires upgrades in key positions. The likes of Carroll, Llorente, Fabianski and Sigurdsson need to be surrounded by real quality. Secondly, Clement noted that “we are getting close to doing some other things”. As vague as that statement is, it implies that the deals we know about, i.e. Abraham and Mesa, are close. While it feels these deals will never be completed, perhaps we are in the finishing straight.

Finally, when asked about Gylfi, Clement stated that there was nothing new to report, and that he was still a Swansea player. He returns to training on Friday, and Clement expects nothing to change before that. Hopefully, it stays that way all summer long.


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