The Daily Swan – 11th July

It’s been a few days since the last ‘daily’ Swan. All that means is you’re in for a bumper edition. Here’s your update on all Swans news over the weekend.

Gylfi leaving for 32 Million, but also no less than 50 million…

If ever you needed proof that a large chunk of transfer news of a summer is entirely guesswork, this last weekend of Swans news would be the smoking gun. Over the course of the last few days, Gylfi Sigurdsson has:

  • Been the subject of a £32 million bid from Everton, which was to be reluctantly accepted by the board.
  • Had a £50 million price tag placed upon him.
  • Seen Leicester come and go with a £40 million bid.
  • Decided he wants to leave, despite saying at the beginning of Summer that it was up to the club to sell him, and he wouldn’t force a move away…

So, it’s been quite the weekend for Swans fans looking for transfer updates. A quick look at Twitter in the last few days shows a sense of resignation that we will always be a ‘selling club’ unable to hold onto big names, some blaming of Huw Jenkins for rolling over and letting Gylfi leave, before relief and excitement that we appear to be holding firm against Everton’s overtures.

It’s difficult to know exactly how to feel. Gylfi Sigurdsson is, and has been for around two years, our best player. Immensely creative, the Iceman has been at the centre of our attacking play, and tops league statistics for freekick goals and has both more goals and assists than Ross Barkley, Kevin Mirallas and Tom Davies. He feels irreplaceable.

On the other hand, it would be difficult to argue against Swansea accepting a bid of £40-50 million. That sort of figure is around twice our previous record sale and could be used to bring new faces into the squad. Letting Sigurdsson leave for around £30 million felt too cheap in the current market, but an extra ten or twenty million could be enough to make the move worth it.

Whatever happens, this particular saga looks set to run all summer.


Midfielder on the way out?

No, it’s not another Gylfi section. Monday brought a fresh rumour and a particularly interesting rumour at that. Seemingly out of nowhere, Jack Cork is on the verge of joining Burnley for £10 million.

On first reading, Swansea would be losing a player that captained the side for large parts of last season and made 33 appearances in an ever-changing Swans line-up. He has always been a solid, if unspectacular midfielder, and has served Swansea well in a time of great uncertainty.

However, with the addition of Roque Mesa and the rejuvenation of Leon Britton at the end of last season, Cork was unlikely to be a key player next season. He presumably will feature regularly under Sean Dyche and at £10 million, represents a decent profit of around £7 million for Swansea City.

This is a deal that suits all parties, and will hopefully be confirmed in the next few days.


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