The Daily Swan – 13th July

Mesa Roque-s the 51

Nothing brings me greater pleasure than having my shirt numbers perfectly set up, so that the numbers 1-11 go to the first team. Therefore, I can imagine that I will have more nerdy sleepless nights for the next couple of years. Roque Mesa has decided to wear the number 51 shirt. Why, I hear you ask? His preferred number, and his number at Las Palmas, is 15. Upon discovering that Wayne Routledge would be wearing the number 15, Mesa opted to swap the numbers around and go for number 51.

It may stress my tiny little brain out once a week, but if he’s as good as some say he is, he can wear whatever number he likes.

Swans warm up with a loss

Wednesday 12th July marked the first pre-season friendly for Paul Clement’s Swansea, a game against League Two Barnet. There is very little that can be discovered in this type of match, as it is only to begin their match fitness preparation. The Swans lost the game 1-0, but the result is not important in such a fixture.

There were, however, a few interesting points. Sigurdsson played the second half, with the captains armband on. Does that show he wants to stay? Also, the Swansea social media team were in full flow, ensuring everyone knew that Gylfi had travelled and would play.

Would there be such public confidence if the club felt the Iceland midfielder would leave? It’s an interesting question to ask. We also saw the debut in a Swansea shirt of Roque Mesa. Those at the game suggest he was tidy, although had limited time to make an impact.

Will Sigurdsson get on the plane?

No, not a plane to Liverpool. I mean the plane to America for the pre-season tour. Should he stay behind in the UK, alarm bells would begin to ring. Paul Clement yesterday embodied confidence that Sigurdsson would make the journey. Of course, there is no reason why he couldn’t join the tour to the USA, and still leave us this summer.

It all feels a little too confident for me. Something has to go wrong this summer, and it might well be the departure of Sigurdsson.


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