The Daily Swan – 14th July

With very little else to discuss, the Daily Swan looks at today’s Sigurdsson news, and what it means for Swansea.

Gylfi stays, in order to go

It was a feeling that I had anticipated feeling. I knew at some point, my wildest dreams would come crashing down around me, and I would lose all of the optimism I’ve had this summer.

It is a day we all knew would come eventually. It is the day where a clear, public statement was made on the future of Gylfi Sigurdsson. A future away from Swansea, it would seem.

After the social media bravado of Wednesday evening, it seemed Swansea were confident of holding on to their man. Now, with the rest of the squad jetting off to America and Gylfi Sigurdsson remaining at home, the future seems clear. It looks clear and bleak, all at the same time.

It’s hard to picture a Swansea without Sigurdsson, despite his Spurs-related absence of two years. As the creative centre of the team, Gylfi almost single-handedly led us to survival last season. But it seems the time is now to begin the planning for the post-Sigurdsson era.

While the prognosis of Sigurdsson’s future Swansea career seems gloomy, it must be re-iterated that there is currently no deal agreed for his move to Everton. Having rejected a £32 million bid from Everton and a £40 million bid from Leicester, Swansea are playing hardball over the asking price. In what marks a return to transfer fee form for Huw Jenkins, he is refusing to be bullied into losing his club’s prize asset.

The idea of a Swansea player setting Everton back £50 million would have been laughed at just a few years earlier, and it is a sign of how well Swansea have played this move so far that Sigurdsson was rumoured to move to Everton for £25 million just twelve months prior.

In searching for a narrative for this story, some will accuse Huw Jenkins and the owners of greed or “looking for a quick buck”, but the prospect of Paul Clement being given around £50 million to add to his squad is genuinely exciting.

Should Sigurdsson actually leave, he will be missed. The next question that needs to be answered is how Sigurdsson will be replaced, and an answer for that will be harder to find.


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