The Daily Swan – 15th July

Swans Star Six

Inspired by @DavidMooney’s tweet where he challenged his followers to make a first eleven consisting one player from the reigns of Man City’s eleven Premier League managers, I decided to use our six (permanent) Premier League managers to create a Star Sixes team. If you haven’t seen it, Star Sixes is a competitive six-a-side tournament between teams made up of ex-internationals.

First things first, the formation. Our Star Six Swans side will be playing a 2-2-1 formation. That means two defenders, two midfielders, one striker, with one goalkeeper obviously.

Brendan Rodgers: Gylfi Sigurdsson

Available to be picked out of five of the six dynasties, the Icelandic all-round wonder was magnificent in his loan spell that lasted the second half of our first Premier League season. By picking Gylfi, I’m eschewing the likes of Scott Sinclair, Joe Allen and the legend that is Andrea Orlandi. These are all players worthy of a shout out, but none as influential as the man who would return in 2014.

Michael Laudrup: Michu

There was almost no-one else I could pick from the Laudrup era. Michu is the perfect representation for our season and a half under Michael Laudrup. Exciting and scintillating at the best of times, but weary and tired at his worst, the mercurial Michu burned brightly in his first season at the club, before being weighed down by injuries in his second. He takes up the striker position slot, playing just ahead of Gylfi.

Garry Monk: Ashley Williams

Once our captain, Ashley Williams is a man who will always be fondly remembered in South Wales. Playing a vital role in our rise through the divisions, and playing under four of the six Premier League managers, he was an example to each player of what it meant to play for Swansea. That is, until he ditched a sinking ship to join Everton and pack on the timber. I mean seriously, have you seen him these days?

Francesco Guidolin: Angel Rangel

In the interests of ensuring we have a balanced team with two defenders, I’m picking Angel Rangel to encapsulate the Guidolin era. The long-serving right-back has in recent years been battling with Kyle Naughton for the first-team spot, but throughout has been a model professional. It is difficult to remember the Guidolin days as anything other than average, but Rangel was consistently solid when called upon throughout.

Bob Bradley: Lukasz Fabianski

If the Guidolin era is remembered as average, the time with Bob Bradley as head coach was absolutely appalling. We only won two games under the bald American, losing seven and drawing another two. All outfield players are excluded from this choice, given the complete lack of ability shown over these three months. This leaves us with the one player who came out of this period with any credit. Lukasz Fabianski. The Swansea City Star Sixes have a big Pole in their goal.

Paul Clement: Leon Britton

It was important that this Swansea Star Sixes team plays the Swansea Way, and who else to base that around than captain Leon Britton? Of course, Leon could be picked from the reign of any Premier League Swans boss. Arguably the most influential name in the recent history of Swansea, the diminutive midfielder was vital in the closing stages of last season, and will be just as important

So our Star Six:
Fabianski; Williams, Rangel; Britton©, Sigurdsson; Michu


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