Football Manager 2017: Should I stay or should I go now?

Let me take you seven years into the future, to the summer of 2024. Newcastle United are busy preparing for the next season, having won the FA Cup and reached the Champions League final in 2023/24. In the season before that, they won the Premier League for the first time in 96 years. They did all this under the leadership of one man… Me. Despite nearly securing the first Champions League in Newcastle history however, a poor 8th place finish in the League leaves me facing heavy speculation over my future.


I bring you this random insight into my save game to ask you a question. Do I stay with Newcastle, or leave for pastures potentially greener? To help you make a decision for me, let’s run through some of the reasons for and against staying at St. James’ Park.20170728195827_1

Firstly, there is a job offer on the table. Manchester City finished third last season, and thus have the Champions League football that a vast majority of my squad wish we had. I’ve had to bat off question after question from my key players, and should I stay, it is essential we qualify for the Champions League in the next season.  Budget-wise, Newcastle and Man City offer very similar figures for transfers and wages, although Man City already have a world-class squad, with the likes of Ousmane Dembele, Emre Can and Donnarumma supplementing some of the best regens around.

I think the Man City job is a realistic move, given our poor league performance last season, and I could well be talked into accepting it.

The European Championships taking place in the Summer of 2024 add another complication. The England and France jobs are available, and I have applied for both. My welshness probably rules me out of the England job, but going to France seems possible. This could be another realistic option for me to take, perhaps to get over losing the Champions League final to Mourinho’s United. I could embark on a two-year quest to win the World Cup, before returning to club management renewed.

So there are many options open should I decide to leave Newcastle. There are a few factors tempting me to remain as manager, however. Firstly, the desire to win the Champions League is strong.  Had we lifted the trophy in May, I would certainly have left for another job, feeling as if my task was complete. If I were to leave, I would always wonder whether my Newcastle side would win the Champions League given another chance.

Also, this save has seen the first time that I have really developed homegrown youngsters. The three young fellows featured below have each emerged from our academy, and are already contributing to the first team. If I left, I would hope to find some way of managing these boys again, either through buying them for any new club, or by becoming England manager.

So, there’s my rambling thoughts on the complex decision I have to make with my Newcastle save. Do I carry on in search of a Champions League win or more League success? Or do I jump ship to join Man City, and take them to great success. It is a difficult decision, and one I need your help on.

In the words of the clash: Should I stay or should I go?


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  1. thisboyblogs94 says:

    Good piece, well written and put together, personally I myself would stay but that’s just me. Stay and leave on high? Then it opens up even bigger jobs? Whatever you decide I will be back to find out your decision just followed you good luck mate

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