#FM17 – The Great Managerial Reset: Introduction


In the summer of 2016, basking in the glory of what many called the greatest Premier League season, the men behind the Premier League decided to make a change that would spice up the future of the “world’s most competitive league”. Seeing Leicester claim the title against all the odds inspired the bosses to enact a move that would level the playing field that little bit more.

From July 1st 2016, managers are only allowed to spend one season at any club. All managers had their contracts terminated, and were pitted against each other for the 20 top-level jobs available. As well as making the league more competitive, it was hoped clubs would look to left-field appointments, or look down the ladder for up and coming English managers.

A brief summary of the rules of this experiment:
– All managers have been relieved of their jobs.
– Managers are given one-year contracts, and will be removed exactly one year after their appointment.
– Promoted clubs will be instantly removed of their managers, while relegated clubs will become exempt from the managerial reset.
– The England job will also be turned into a one-year contract job, to make more top-level jobs available.

Will this managerial reset have its desired effect? Will the top clubs continue to dominate, or will this inspire a generation of competitive top-level football? Will there be an increase in young English managers getting Premier League jobs?

Come with us, as we look at the results of this dramatic change.



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